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Our Capabilities

At Nirvana Kulture, we benefit from the opportunity to process many different order types. Examples include retail stores, consumers, freight, and dropship clients. The possibilities are seemingly endless! With this flexibility, we can ensure a high margin and low upkeep way of doing business. There is nothing better than making money in your sleep - all you have to do is join. Are you looking to carry products in our catalog? Great, we also service the same products you find on our website. As master distributors, we can always promise the best prices or will put you on the best track to get them. Our platform's ideation was formed with you in mind - transforming and developing for only the best results.

Drop Shipping Program

Our drop shipping program is the most flexible part of our whole operation. We utilize our on-site technical team to create a processing configuration for your way of doing business. In this day in age automation is a must - and we plan on exactly that. Once a customer places an order - that will be sent directly to your system, or via notification. After that - simply process and ship, and technology will facilitate the rest. Want to learn more? Fill out the form below to get started!

Wholesale Program

Our business model works with both vending & purchasing transactions. Meaning, that we both buy and sell all kinds of products. We welcome both new brands and clients looking to source bulk products from our catalog. Fill out the form below to get a full catalog, pricing, and more information on how to get started!

Wholesale Requests
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